Medical practices have a life cycle, make yours healthy, manage the risks on your investment

We are the only Canadian service which is physician designed & operated and 100% confidential.

We have the expertise for all stages and occurrences in your practice and your life.


Who We Are

We are physicians, MBAs and advisors who had long successful careers in practice and are dedicated to you and your family’s well-being.


We are available around the clock, don’t hesitate to reach out for advice.

Connect With Us

100% confidentiality assured.

Telephone: (416) 999-6805


From the direct provision of care, to partnerships, to office management to College regulations and actions, to how the big picture works, we understand. If it’s your practice or a loved one’s that needs confidential advice, reach out to us for a free initial consultation.


Acceptance into medical school and residency remains competitive, we can advise you on all the right moves to get where you want to be. Academic, vocational, writing and emotional skills are all scored; let’s get you high on the list of applicants. Take advantage of a global world.


You’ve enjoyed your honeymoon and a life of tremendous responsibility and potential rewards is upon you. Regardless of the stage of your practice and circumstances, the need to make positive life and career choices remains vital. Stay or get healthy, maximize the rewards you earned through your MD. Manage risk.

Career Counselling

Career transitions and changes in plans are now the norm in a rapidly changing, creative society. Within and beyond being an MD, you have incredible interests and talents. We will help you identify and leverage them maximally.


The finale of your career is a result of the early choices and all those made to date. Enjoy and let your investments keep growing; maximizing comfort and meaning takes planning. We are at your side.


Protect Your Practice

Increasingly complex regulations mirror rapid societal changes - keep your practice safeguarded. Our survey & redacted audit services identify issues before they become a risk.


Protect Your Investment

Your practice income is the capstone of your investment portfolio. Let our impartial investment advisors help you maximize return and minimize risk and anxiety.


Manage Threats

Real or perceived, you're concerned about situations or trends that may threaten the sustainability of your practice. Let an expert consultant bring clarity and the needed advice to repair your career.


Manage your health and care for your loved ones

Your health is critical to your world and should be treated in confidence. Let our team help you navigate to get well and stay well. Advice for spouses is fully available as well.


Transition or Retire In Style

Giving up clinical practice is incredibly challenging. This has been your major life's investment to date. Let us help you develop a smooth exit strategy; talk to us about life after practice.