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“Chronic Kidney Disease in Canada’s First Nation:
Results of an Effective Cross Cultural Collaboration”

Manuscript published in Healthcare Quarterly, Spring 2011
Available here.

“Cultural Safety: What it Means for Canada’s Chiropractic Profession

Article commissioned by the Association and in progress for publication in
the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association.
Authors Ashton, Duffie-Ashton and Tucker

Quoted in:  “Federal policies fuel spread of swine flu”

Canadian Medical Association Journal July 23, 2009
Available here.

"The Missing Link in Aboriginal Care: Resource Accounting

Healthcare Quarterly: 54-60, Vol.11 no.3 2008
Authors: C. W. Ashton and Denise Duffie-Ashton Selected as "Recommended Reading" by Longwoods: Resource accounting principles provide more effective planning for Aboriginal healthcare delivery through driving best management practices, efficacious techniques for long-term resource allocation, transparency of information and performance measurement. Major improvements to Aboriginal health in New Zealand and Australia were facili­tated in the context of this public finance paradigm, rather than cash accounting systems that remain the current method for public departments in Canada. Multiple funding sources and fragmented delivery of Aboriginal healthcare can be remedied through similar adoption of such principles.

Editorial | Article

"The Learning Model of Integrated Care (LMIC)"

Authors: C.W. Ashton, Duffie-Ashton D., Aiken A.
Submitted for publication July 2008 HFHG's successes in healthcare management (LMIC) has been featured in The Medical Post "Programs that Work" September 4, 2007 and cited by The Health Quality Council.

"Physician Assistants - A Solution to Wait Times in Canada"

CCHSE Healthcare Management FORUM: 38-42, Summer/Été 2007
Authors: C.W. Ashton, Aiken A., Duffie-Ashton D.

Original Articles Section - Abstract: Access to medical care is limited in most of Canada, and the population often endures lengthy waiting times to see a physician. The use of new and varied health care providers has been suggested as a means to alleviate the shortage of physicians. this paper reviews the history and role of the Physician Assistant (PA), both in Canada and internationally, and outlines the clinical competencies currently held by this provider to fill the role of a physician extender in our country. PAs experiences are reported in the Canadian Forces, where they have been employed for many years, and in Manitoba, where they are used as surgical assistants. The potential for the PA to be incorporated into our provincial health care systems will be considered in light of common barriers to Health Human Resources (HHR) strategic implementation.